Friday, September 3, 2010

"the eyes are blind to what the mind cannot see."

this is probably going to be a long post... BUT WHO CARES?!

so i guess if you read this regularly, you'll know that i just moved into my own house! well... i'm renting it and sharing it with two other people... but my own house! haha :) and i finally took some pictures sooo, duhduhduhduh! here they are:

cute, right?! i love it :)

on the first night here brandon and i stayed up for a while talking and watching funny youtube videos. not only was it fun, but he's really been making me think about life. we got on the topic of trying new things and how i don't normally do things outside of my comfort zone. he compared life to a book. every new experience we have is a new page in the book and the book is sooo long, but i'm stuck in the first few pages of my book. the front of my book is my comfort zone.

i feel like lately though i've been stepping out of my comfort zone. i could have stayed in chandler. i could have gone to mcc so i could live at home. i could have done a lot of things. but no, i'm in flagstaff. i'm at yet another new school. i'm taking classes that i've never taken before and loving them. i just moved into a house that i'm renting with two people i don't really know. i'm about to start a job that i absolutely don't want to do but will do anyways so i can pay my rent.

and still, in all of that change, i can feel my comfort zone around me. i can feel it closing in on me again. so, in an effort to release myself from my ever almighty comfort zone, i am going to try something new everyday. be it big or small, i'm going to try. yesterday i listened to the radio. small, yet something i never do. today i woke up early and went for a walk with my camera. i went up my street and then along the train tracks for about an hour. i took new pictures.

tomorrow? i have no idea what i'll do, but hopefully it will be significant. if not, there's always the next day :)

one of my favorite classes so far is my art appreciation class. and it's crazy because my favorite part is the reading.

"humans form art works, and then the art forms us... art forms us by telling us things, embellishing our lives, elevating our spirits, showing us who we are, waking us up to injustice, or just flooring us with beauty."

"science seeks answers to questions about the outer, physical world; these answers form the basis of our technology. the arts foster the development of our inner works - the intuitive, emotional, spiritual, and creative aspects of being human. reality is explained through the sciences and revealed through the arts. people need both science and art if they are to balance function with meaning."

"you can come back to where you started from with added experience and you hope more understanding. you leave and then return to the homeland of your imagination." - romare bearden.

"of all our planet's resources, the most precious is human awareness." - don fabun.

"the eyes are blind to what the mind cannot see."

"seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees." - Robert Irwin.

"ordinary things become extraordinary when seen without prejudgement."

i've been trying to figure out what to say for this post for the past few days. i really want to say so much about art but... i'm at a loss for my own words. besides what i write down about my life and stuff, words have never really come easily to me. i think that's why i love art so much because there's so much you can say without actually saying it out loud.

"i found that i could say things with colors and shapes that i couldn't say in any other way - things i had no words for." - georgia o'keeffe.

i think my next goal with photography is to start taking pictures with a purpose. take my favorite quotes and turn them into pictures.


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