Friday, June 25, 2010


it's my birthday :)

and technically, since i was born at 3:36am, i'm not 19 yet, but i will be in an hour aaaand 2 minutes :) (i play that way, haha)

anyways. it's only 2 hours and 34 minutes into the day and so far it's pretty much been one of my better birthdays. i spent my hour with andrew and andrew l singing karaoke. i had to leave though because i'm getting lunch with my mom and aunt today, and didn't really want to wake up early at his house to drive down here. andrew gave me my present though, one of the post secret books :) i'm pretty sure my mom got one of them for me too... oh well. andrew told me not to read it all at once, but i'm doing laundry (i have no clean underwear left... haha) and i need something to do until i go to bed. i love post secret though, so i have a feeling i'll be looking through the book more than once.

yesterday was absolutely amazing. the past two days have actually been really good and filled with birthday fun.

wednesday didn't go quite as planned, but i got to spend the first hour or so of alan's birthday with him. we played video games, talked and drove to albertsons. haha. i was supposed to go with them to the dci show, but andrew got a flat so i picked him up and only saw alan (with devon and aashish) for a few minutes). but it was still a lot of fun :) (oh and i also got to see some friends from nau, including jane, which was awesome because i missed the crap out of her!)

yesterday was andrew's birthday and i spent every single second with him. it's sad that i can't spend every single second of my birthday with him, but i know i'll see him later today :) we spent the night at his sister's so we could go tubing in the river the next day. i bought him breakfast at in and out (his choice) and then spent three hours tubing down the salt river. it really was so much fun! :D andrew l lost his flip flops (slips) but other than that, it was amazing. when we got back to the west side andrew's parents took everyone out to bdubs for dinner which was truly an interesting experience. and i ate SO much! i'm still full.

most people say they don't feel different on their birthdays, and i honestly don't feel any different today than i did yesterday. but today i feel 234398385734 times better than i felt on any of my past birthdays.

happy birthday to me :)

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