Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20 before 20. the edited version :)

i'm changing my 20 before 20. i didn't really think about it for very long when i was making it, and i should have. here's my new, revised list:

1. move to flagstaff.
2. make a world line on cymbals.
3. dye my hair.
4. change my style.
5. eat healthy on a regular basis.
6. get another tattoo.
7. get a bike. ride it everyday.
8. make drum corps.
9. choose a career.
10. get another piercing.
11. send a secret to postsecret.
12. take a road trip to california.
13. make new friends.
14. go on a cruise.
15. get a job.
16. work as a photographer.
17. read at least 10 books.
18. get a gym membership.
19. go to the grand canyon for the first time.
20. play cymbals for nau's marching band.

so. this means, that by the end of the summer i need to be in flagstaff, going to either nau or ccc. i can do this. i need to do this. just thinking about it makes me happy.

oh and, i'm on my way to number 15. i had an interview at forever 21 today. obviously if i move to flagstaff i'll have to quit, but at least it's something. i'm think maybe i'll apply to somewhere that has a store in flagstaff so if i were to work there for the rest of the summer, i can transfer.

i changed three of my goals.

my two biggest goals: number one and number twenty. this is something i absolutely need. for me.

oh, and i think i may have chosen a career too :)

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