Friday, June 4, 2010


apparently i'm crazy now.

i'm not trying to read into this, but a friend heard from some people that i'm "crazy now, like bad." i don't know what this means, and i really want to know. i'm not sure who would say this, and what they meant by it, but i want to know.

and i also want to know why people decide to choose when they are your friends. one minute they want to hang out with you, get dinner with you, make funny videos with you, and then the next minute they send a mass text out to all of your friends, but not you. and when you ask why, no response.


when i'm friends with someone, i'm friends with them always, even when all i want to do is be alone, i'll sit there with a friend if they need me. i don't want to deal with this bullshit. and honestly i've been dealing with it from this person since freshmen year. if you think you're better than me, i honestly don't care. just don't call me when you have no one else to call.

over it.

oh, and i'm rally not as mad about it as it might seem from this. haha. i'm just over dumb stuff like this. i know who my real friends are now, i know who i can count on. thank you to those people, i really do truly appreciate you :)

these aren't in any particular order, but i love all of these people so much. i'm only missing one person, randy! i don't have any pictures with him, but every once in a while we talk about the most awesome things, and i feel like he's not one of those people who is fake. if he didn't like to me, he wouldn't talk to me.

so yeah :]] i couldn't ask for anything more in these people.

except for some of them to maybe move closer to me :)

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