Saturday, March 5, 2011


my mom just told me that my brother and sister think i don't want to grow up. why? because of drumline. they think the reason i am still doing drumline is that i am clinging to my high school years.

news flash brother and sister, i hated high school. and i would never, ever want to relive it.

i know it's because they're ignorant and because they really don't know anything about drumline, but i can understand why they would think that. i'm putting my whole life on hold to partake in a drumline that practices at my old high school, is directed by my high school drumline director and even though i hate it (which they are aware of), i won't quit. i'm working in order to pay for this year of drumline and to save money for future years of drumline.

i'm not really sure why they would think that i'm clinging to my high school years and that i don't want to grow up, when i'm the oldest and most grown up of all of them. the only reason i'm at home right now is to save money for the things i want to do. i'm the only one with big goals that i'm really working hard to achieve. i'm the only one who seems to know that you can't achieve anything without going through all the shitty stuff to get to where you want to be (living at home when i don't want to) and working your way up from the bottom (breakthrough to mosaic to hopefully something better). i'm working so hard to get to where i want to be, and it's looked as childish. i know they don't know that a lot of people march longer after high school than they did in high school. i know they don't know that after high school is generally when you get way better and are more respected in the field of drumline. but, ugghhhh it just bothers me so much that they would say that. i know it shouldn't... but really?

on another note, i'm going to beta omicron's third degree tonight! jane and a few other brothers from gamma kappa will be there and i'm super excited to see everyone :D maggie is also in tempe, so hopefully at some point this weekend i will get to see her.

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