Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pursuit of happiness.

this week has been very productive for me! on monday i worked and got my paycheck, so i was able to pay off my landlord! i sent her the last check i owe her and i'm super pumped to not have to worry about it anymore :P that night i went shopping with my mom and then got to see my sister do gymnastics for the first time in about two years. and wow! she got sooo good! then yesterday i practiced cymbals and learned some new visuals that i've been trying to figure out for ages! it... was super exciting :D then i got my haircut yeeeahhhhh. i needed one so bad! haha. today i woke up at 6am for work at 7am. i got off after an hour because she only needed me to help with a catering order. haha, but i got a free smoothie out of it! i came back and was practicing for a bit again, but my arms were tired and i didn't want them to get too bad before drumline tonight, so i went for a walk instead. now i've already eaten lunch and it's only 10! haha, i feel great.

while i was on my walk i was thinking about how unhappy i thought i was going to be moving back here. i told my mom that i would be absolutely miserable. and yeah, there have been some rough patches in the past few months, but overall, i feel so happy. i'm not really sure what it is. i'm away from most of my friends, i spend my days that i don't work alone, and i'm on a drumline that i don't really like. but for some reason, waking up every morning and getting out of bed is so easy. i love the alone time i get to just relax, and then i love seeing my friends at drumline. i love working and getting paychecks and i love being able to workout on my free time. i love seeing my family every night and i love having animals around the house. some of my blogs recently have been filled with the things i hate, but this one is filled with love.

super cheesy but whatevs, i'm happy :P

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