Monday, February 28, 2011

can i just say that i absolutely hate money?

like, jhrbghjebrh it's pretty much the source of all of my problems right now. i just got a job and will be getting my first paycheck in about two weeks. all of this money will go to my landlord. if it doesn't, she'll sue me. my roommate from flagstaff, who was also one of my friends, is being a dick to me because he's assuming that i'm assuming that he's lying about not calling our landlord about this whole mess. now that i'm sending my first check to my landlord, i can't give it to drumline and the result of that will be not going to california and not getting a uniform (wtf okay...). i told my director there really isn't much i can do, because he's not going to sue me, and my landlord will, and then i'll have to pay a fuck ton more. my best friend is offering to loan me some money for drumline, and all of this put together is just making me stressed. moving home was supposed to be the most cost effective solution for drumline, and now that i have a job, it should be, but no, it's not. i'll be penniless for a long time.

i'm kind of hating the little twists and turns life has been throwing my way lately. they're way too expensive for my taste and i honestly can't wait for the summer when this is all over with.

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