Saturday, October 2, 2010

i haven't written in a week! what the heck?! usually i say, "it feels like i haven't written in forever" and it's really been like, two days, maybe three. haha, but i've been super busy this week!

i started working more hours. LOT'S of hours. monday was awesome though because jenna and dan, and then tj and nolan came to visit me! on tuesday i FINALLY got to talk to tj about some stuff and we got most of everything figured out. and he got me to go to the library two days in a row. haha. i had my first interview and i got bonding time with my sister and breakfast with brianna! today i have bonding time with my twin, an interview, hangout time with the beta kappas and their bigs and then pm class! finally :) hopefully i get a lot of interviews scheduled! i really need to!

anyways, i'm pretty happy with the way things turned out. i can't wait to see what the rest of the semester is like. and i can't wait until i finish all my interviews :) i have a feeling that i'll be super proud of myself.

on another note, i don't know if wgi is in the cards for me this year... i don't have the money and i would really like to save up. i'm in flagstaff which means i would have to take fewer classes, work more, and pay for my own health insurance... and i just don't know if it's possible. i can't imagine not doing drumline, but i think i may need to wait this out. plus, i have a shit ton of homework to do tomorrow and i won't have time if i drive all the way down to chandler, spend 7 hours at an audition and then drive back. i'll also have to spend about $100 of the check i just got yesterday and i don't think i'm down with that.

i think maybe my goal for this year will be to make drum corps. then i can focus on that rather than wgi. it'll be different. but... yeah.

i guess sometimes you have to sacrifice things. last semester it was kkpsi. i'm not dropping my process again. i want this too much.

so... looks like i've made up my mind. i won't be leaving tomorrow. i won't be spending a shit ton of money on fees and gas. and food too. i think i figured out that i would have needed to make $1000+ a week. or something like that... AND THAT'S FREAKING RIDICULOUS.

so yeah. saving money time! :(

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