Tuesday, October 12, 2010

how has it been 8 days since i posted last?! jrgenkjrtnh i can't believe that :( oh well, i guess lately i've been going out and... living, rather than just writing about how i want to live.

philosophical. yes.

anyways, i've mostly just been super busy with school, marching band, work and kkpsi. school (some classes...) is going well, marching band... is mostly good, work is fine, and kkpsi... is the best thing :) remembering back to last year, kkpsi was really the only thing that ever made me happy (even though it stressed me out sometimes). this semester i'm telling myself that this is important, but that it's completely doable and attainable. and the reasons it made me stressed out last year were pretty stupid, and all in my mind. so far, i have not been stressed at all, and it's great.

well i mean, right before first degree, the actual degree and right after were stressful, but i know this is what's best for now.

i've finished nine interviews so far, i have three more this week and two more scheduled after that. to finish half of them by 2nd degree (halloween), all i need to do is finish seven more interviews (after the ones i have scheduled). i've been doing all the homework way beforehand and studying every week. i'm to the point where i'm at the same level as everyone else because i haven't taken the next quiz yet. i'm really enjoying everything :D

here are some recent pictures i took for photography:

i also just have to add how much i love my friends. last week was not one of my finest, but so many people were there to listen to me and make me feel better: brandon, trey, randy, jane, tj, theresa, jenna and dillon. this weekend was possibly one of the best weekends of the semester :D and i love surprise visits super late in the morning! just saying :D

"i love. i have loved. i will love."
-i capture the castle (movie).

one of my favorite quotes.

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