Wednesday, October 27, 2010

next semester i will not take early classes that i sleep through anymore! ahh. i've slept through my art class twice this week, which sucks because i actually like it! next semester i will focus on art, and only art. and not being up early! woo.

this semester has been so drastically different from the original plan. it's almost halfway over and i'm probably failing half of my classes, i'm absolutely in love with the other half. i've realized more in what i want and what i need to do with my life than i ever have. i've been busier than ever, working 30 hours a week and still managing to fit in 3-6 interviews a week. second degree is this weekend, and i'll be just under halfway done with my interviews.

i have an interview with old navy on friday. well, she didn't exactly call it an interview, but told me to come in so we could talk about my availability. over the phone she said they were hiring someone to work tuesday and thursday mornings. that's usually when i do my interviews for kkpsi, but i figure if i get that job i can just work less hours at burger king and do them at another time.

i suck at blogging lately, i know this. hopefully next semester will give me more time. probably not though.

but, i'm happy :) i'm very happy :D

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