Tuesday, January 11, 2011

so i've decided that i make big decision too quickly. i think only of the extreme positives or negatives and forget that i'm a human being and that i might regret these decisions.

i decided yesterday to move home. after seeing the reactions from all of my friends from here, it's really made me think twice. i really didn't expect so many people to be sad about it and i reeeaally didn't expect two different people offering to let me move in with them for cheaper than what i pay now. i still don't think i could make it happen on the salary i make now, but i think i could make one option work if i worked maybe 35 to 40 hours a week. i wouldn't be saving money though...

these are my choices:

1. move home this month. get a new job hopefully within a week or so. save my money.
2. move in with my friend. pay about $250 plus electric a month for rent. pay a lot for gas to drive down to chandler every weekend. miss wednesday rehearsals for drumline. get an additional job. pay for food.

kgsjjkntjhnskjht. i know which one seems more logical.

i'm still thinking though.

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