Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm not sure what to do.

my mom just told me i basically have two choices:

1. move home, get a job here, do drumline, save money.
2. stay in flagstaff, get an additional job, a new roommate or apartment, possibly do drumline, not save money.

obviously, choice one sounds like the better choice, but chandler makes me... soooo miserable. like, thinking about this summer and my life here, just makes me sad. i love my life in flagstaff. the people, the scenery... and just the way it makes me feel - not miserable. i love my life and self when i'm in flagstaff.

i feel so nervous about all of this, because i know i should just move home. i would feel horrible about it, but if i want to make my dreams of marching with an out of state drumline, i need to save up my money.

i need help. i need someone to tell me what to do. someone to tell me it's okay. the one person i need has been too busy to talk to me.

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