Tuesday, February 1, 2011


so let me just say, i totally hate looking for jobs. like, jsnrkjhnk absolutely hate it. i hate that i had to quit burger king. i hate that i actually sort of liked working there. i hate that finding a job is so hard. i hate sitting here all day by myself. i hate that my brother and sister think now that i live at home i am their own personal taxi service. i hate that i still have a garage full of crap that i need to get into my room. i hate that i can't throw anything away. i hate that i can't watch psych season 5. i hate that drumline is so damn expensive. i hate that i moved down here for a drumline that won't even be worth it. i hate that i can't predict my own future. i hate that i need so much downtime. i hate that i hate cleaning. i hate that i hate cooking. i hate that i hate working out. i hate that i'm so lazy.



i'm just feeling overwhelmed. i've been home for like, two days and i need to find a job. i want everything to just fall into place like it did when i was in flagstaff. someone just call me and offer me a job. i don't care how much it pays, as long as it's something.


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