Sunday, April 22, 2012

"When it comes you're not pushing it away, let it come, let it stay. When it goes you don't grieve. Oh, it's gone."

I can't believe today is finally here... I've experienced the last day of a season before, but it's never hit me quite as hard as this. Last year I was so happy the season was over. This year is the total opposite. I feel like my whole life was leading up to this season of drumline. I've grown so much as a cymbal player, performer, and person. After retreat my cymbal tech told me I was one of the best cymbal players in the world. I can't believe anyone would say that to me, let alone someone I consider to be one of the best cymbal players in the world. I don't want this season to be over. I don't really want to start a new season over again. If I could go back and change a few things I might, but I can't imagine being anywhere else. This past week didn't really go as expected, but it's been one of the best weeks of my life. I miss everyone so much.

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