Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new happenings.

ahhh, life. it's happening, and it's preventing me from posted about it. it's almost the end of the semester and i can say that i'm happy with the way most of it has gone. the little bit that i'm not happy about: school. i pretty much stopped going. i haven't even been on ccc's campus in like, three weeks. i know this is bad, but i don't see the point in going other than to feel like i'm not wasting money. here's to next semester i guess!

i have about three more days of my rush process for kkpsi. every time i think about it i get butterflies. i can't help but think about how much i've really loved my process. i've been wondering how things will change and whether or not i'm ready for it. i've been a pm for so long that i feel like i'll forget that i'm a brother (if i go through that is...). i've grown so much this semester and i'm so happy that i've finally made it through my process. at the beginning of my process i think i just wanted to get through it. but as i started interviewing people, and interviewing people i hadn't interviewed before, and putting on things like our social, fundraiser and service project, i started to realize how much i really needed last semester and this semester. i'm a different person. i can handle more. i've grown. it took talking to someone i wasn't really close with and someone who brothers told me wouldn't be a great interview to help me realize how much i've really grown throughout my entire process. i'm so grateful either way, whether i get a bid to third or not (but i better... just saying). i'm not sure where i would be if i hadn't rushed.

ummm besides that, i need a new roommate. i almost got married. i need a new job. i hate driving in snow. and yeah.

just kidding about the married part. it was a joke...

but totally, i almost did ;)

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